Can Dr. Tom help turn around your situation?

Can Dr. Tom Stover help you?

Below are testimonies of what Dr. Tom can do for you. The names have been changed but the situations are very, very real.

Thanks Tom,

We were sitting in a court room for our final divorce decree and what we were about to do hit us both hard and we decided that we were going to fight for our marriage. One of our lawyers suggested we contact Dr. Tom Stover and I called him immediately when Igot home and he worked us into his schedule.

It was a 45 minute drive from where we live to Dr. Tom’s office and with our work schedule and what we had been through, we both wondered if this was going to be a waste of time but we made the time and the effort to make it happen. Our first visit brought us hope and encouragement and though the struggles continued and second guessing crossed our minds we continued to work hard. With the tools he used and his insight into what we were facing Dr. Tom gently and kindly (sometimes with very tough love) kept us on task and over time with his help and teachings we have restored our marriage. It has been worth every penny and every mile driven to meet with him.

Dr. Tom is dependable and always there for you- whether a quick phone call or text message to clear up our thinking. He tells you the truth no matter how hard it is to hear and holds us accountable. We hold a high level of respect for him and would recommend him to anyone! Our promise is he will love you through the process.

M & T

Hello Dr. Tom,

I wanted to write this email to express my gratitude for all Dr. Tom has done for our marriage.  You are truly a talented individual and extremely knowledgeable in your field.  My husband and I came in with extremely complex and unique marital challenges.  
Tom is 
on point with every question and comment. We have seen other therapists, but felt a comfort level with Tom that made us put our trust in him.  Tom is a good listener, can read people through a microscope, and does it while making you feel at ease.  
As a couple, 
we have come a long way and have grown and are continuing to grow on a positive path.  This could not have been done without you, and for that we thank you.  I have not only grown as a partner for my spouse, but as a person, and have learned to embrace myself for all I am.  
We thank you greatly for your ears, words, 
patience, and overall sincerity and care through this entire process.


Dr. Tom, your empathy towards us, and I assume all of your clients, creates a very safe and open environment for discussing issues that can be rather difficult to talk about.  You approach problems in a human way, with empathy and compassion, and never make our sessions feel clinical or formulaic. You have been very engaging and very easy to talk to. Thank you very much for what you have done so far. You have been very helpful, and we hope that you take a moment to acknowledge the good work that you do, and to pat yourself on the back for doing such a good job and offering a very valuable service.


Greetings Dr. Stover,

I compose these words in hopes they may provide another individual in need with the courage to seek assistance from a professional of your caliber.  

Our association and journey began a few months after my wife passed away in 2013.  After numerous disappointments with my initial therapist, you were highly recommended as an individual who could
provide sessions in person as well as remotely during my extensive business travels.  From our initial encounter and throughout this journey you have listened attentively, provided sound guidance, and masterfully assigned attainable goals.  You were the first and only individual throughout this event who refrained from trying to change me or my personality.  Instead, you utilized numerous tools and skills to help me better understand who I am and how I function.  These tools and your unique skills were very instrumental in re-aligning my short, mid, and long term objectives  

Your on-going counsel and guidance allows me to rest assured my future holds promise for normalcy and happiness. I do not consider myself to be a better person for my accomplishments during this journey.  Instead, I feel as though I am better prepared to manage events which have the potential to impact my life. 

Although you need no encouragement from me, I hope you continue this walk in life.  Your conviction to assist total strangers is a trait which few individuals can accomplish with complete selflessness.



Dear Dr. Stover,

About two years ago I came to your office a desperate mess- I barely made it there. By the time I left your office that day I had hope, something I hadn’t felt in a very long time. You made me want to change and to everyone who knows me they are amazed and see the change in me.

I found out I had a personality style and that I could work on my strengths and conquer my weaknesses. I whined and complained that I couldn’t do it, but your kind encouragement was impossible to resist. The homework assignments made me accountable for my own mental health.

You showed me how much God loves me and how he heals broken people. Now I see my life as hopeful and my family is healing daily. I have more work to do and now I have something practical to work with. I will be forever grateful.


Dr. Tom,

I wanted to write a testimonial as to how much you have helped my wife and I:

I have recently found out that my wife of 15 years had an affair on me with one of our family friends. I was to the point that I did not know if I could continue with our marriage.

We started seeing Dr. Tom shortly after I found out and he has provided us with the strength and information needed to try and survive this. Dr. Tom truly understood what we were going through and what it would take to survive this infidelity. He has been there for me in every way from phone calls to short notice visits to a hug or pat on the back. I can honestly say that without Dr. Tom’s help, I don’t know if I could have made it this far with trying to restore my marriage.

This has been the toughest 5 months of my life and we continue to work with Dr. Tom to help with the struggles of infidelity. He truly goes above and beyond to help explain why and how this type of thing happens. It has been a blessing to meet and work with Dr. Tom.


Hi Dr. Tom,

Thank you so much for your help- I learned so much and it helped me move on.  . .

Blessings on you and your family and much gratitude for your 
enlightening sessions!



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